DIY Melted Crayon art

In years past, I’ve made this cute melted crayon art for the fair and earned ribbons. I really enjoy doing it, so I thought that I’d make a tutorial.

Things needed-

  • A canvas, it can be whatever size you want it to be
  • A hot glue gun
  • Lots of glue sticks- I used 7 in this particular piece
  • 2 boxes of crayons, or the equivalent of 2 boxes of crayons. Basically, you’ll need two sets of the same pattern/set of colors. One box can be broken/old/used, but the other set has to look new.
  • A hair dryer
  • An utility knife
  • Newspapers or something of the sort


Step 1- Sort out all the crayons into the pattern you want it to be in. Both sets. I just sorted them out into a rainbow-y sort of formation (I’m sure there is a word for it, just not sure what :P)


Step 2- Peel the first set of crayons, then begin hot gluing them unto your canvas.


Step 3- Set up the canvas so that it’s upright, and put something beneath it to catch drips. Melted crayon is pretty hard to get out of anything. I learned that the hard way.


Step 4- Begin directing the blow dryer at the line of crayons, starting from the bottom ends of the crayons, then moving up as more crayon melts. Melt the crayon for as long and as much as you want.


Initial; after about 20 seconds

After about 5 minutes

After about 5 minutes


After about 10 minutes


After all the touching up

Step 5- Since now all the crayons are pretty well melted off, they look pretty pitiful. Thus, peel off all the old crayons and the old hot glue, then glue on the second set of crayons. This step is optional, but useful for cosmetic purposes. It looks pretty amazing, though, since it looks like barely any crayon was melted to create the effect.


Step 6- Blow dry the crayons a little, to create a little meltage of the crayon, just so they don’t look entirely brand new. The tops of the crayons will melt.


The final product-

This is a project that looks wonderful almost anywhere a splash of color is needed. I’ve only done rainbow sequences in the past, but the colors can be changed to be any pattern to match color schemes.



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