Book Review: The One Year Devos

Last year, my devotional book was dvosbook.pngthe One Year Devos book by Susie Shellenberger. While it was a good devotionals book covering many topics and challenged my faith, I feel like it was not particularly beneficial to me personally.

The format of the book was a short daily devotional, often with random trivia facts or an interesting story, 3-4 Bible reading passages, a short summary for the day, and a prayer prompt.

First of all, I feel like this devotional book, designed “for teens”, was more designed for tweens, although some of the topics were definitely more suited towards teens. The writing style seemed simplified and directed towards a younger audience.

Even so, this devotional book was excellent in terms of content. This book ranged over many topics, such as the Ten Commandments, Jesus’ death and resurrection and the theories concerning it, writing a testimony, finding your identity, prayer, truth, and so forth. There were days with just random trivia facts and a Bible reading, but they were expanded on the following day.

Also, this devotional book is a great devotional book for someone is looking to start doing Bible reading/devotionals daily. The daily devotionals are all fairly short, covering one side of a page and some Bible reading, which made the time needed for devotionals to not be too long. However, the daily Bible readings were a little annoying. The amount of reading per day varied greatly, ranging from 3-4 verses to 5-6 chapters, which made me not be able to easily plan for how much devotional time I needed.

On the other hand, I found that, quite often, the Bible verses for the day were taken quite out of context, and required reading much of the passage in order to understand the verse. I believe that the Bible readings would be more beneficial if they were constant, such as a single chapter per day pertaining to the topic discussed. It also seemed at times that the author was trying to make a point and was trying to warp Scripture to support her point, which made the Scripture reading occasionally incorrect.

There were some warped Bible stories in the book, such as Joshua’s story during September. While I realize that they were trying to “modernize” the book to appeal to teenagers, I feel like they should not have changed the story so dramatically.

This is the first book out of two “One Year Devos for teens” and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to read the second book, with the experience of this first one. Although it was a very good devotional book in terms of the content, I feel like it could be greatly improved to be more beneficial.

RockandMinerals4Him rating- 7/10



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