My Top 5 favorite YouTube videos…

…that I’ve come across so far.

Well…or maybe, 5 favorite from my top 5 channels? Or top 5 from each channel in my top 5 categories list?

Nah, just top 5…but it’s going to be hard. Really hard. Like unbelievably hard.

I feel like this is really being unfair to many, many wonderful channels…but for me, to be one of my favorites, it really, really has to stand out. So to all of you DIY YouTubers out there…trust me, I watch your videos…but to me, they’re all about the same. While your DIY’s ARE really awesome and your decor tips are really helpful, I doubt that any of them will make my favorites list. In my head, they’re really all lumped into one category.

First off, this one from Studio C…Lobster Bisque! Oh, what can I say? This is the first YouTube video that officially made my burst out laughing. Sure, I had smiled before…and chuckled…and giggled…but burst out laughing? This was it.

Well…Y’all know about Brooklyn and Bailey…and my obsession with their song, Mommy It’s Good-

And…another from Studio C! International Relations. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this already…

Yet another one from Studio C…AND Brooklyn and Bailey! This one is HILARIOUS.

And the last one…Cute Girl’s Hairstyles…Brooklyn and Bailey’s younger sister, Kamri’s first hair tutorial! It’s soooo simple…and I wear it SO often. Out of all the tutorials that CGH has ever posted, I think this one is the one that I have worn more than twice. Don’t get me wrong, CGH always has great hairstyles, but I really hate stirring from my go-to hairstyles, but this one, wow, I saw this and it became one of my go-to hairstyles!

This was actually really interesting. Who knew that my favorites are all “oldies but goodies”? These three channels, Brooklyn and Bailey, Studio C, and Cute Girls Hairstyles were the first three channels I ever watched on YouTube…and they are still my favorite channels, by far. The collab that Brooklyn and Bailey did with Studio C was the one that introduced me to Studio C…and that got me hooked!

This was definitely hard. Wow…I think the next time I do favorites, I have to do “Top 25” or something…but…I doubt that anyone would be interested, haha! This was also a very interesting post to do again in about a year or so, to see how my tastes have changed over time.

What are YOUR top 5 favorite YouTube videos?


P.S. I’m linking up my post to Allie’s blog!

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