YouTube Highlight: Brooklyn and Bailey

If you’ve been following this blog for any period of time, you probably have noticed that my favorite YouTube channel is Brooklyn and Bailey.

Brooklyn and Bailey are identical twin girls whose mom started the channel Cute Girls Hairstyles to showcase her hairstyle making skills. With that background, they stepped into the YouTube world and they are the first second generation YouTuber(s) to hit 1 million subscribers (saying, their mom has 1 million and they have 1 million as well). They are really fun to watch…to say nothing of their charm, wittiness, and just happiness and love as a family. Their channel is much like the typical girl YouTuber channel- challenges, tags, vlogs, DIY’s and more, but there’s a certain aspect to their channel that makes it more appealing to me than any other channel I’ve watched so far. Although I may be watching a different video from a different channel when their newest video goes live, I stop whatever I’m watching and go straight to their video first. I can’t put my finger on what makes their channel so different, but their faith definitely plays into their channel. Brooklyn and Bailey are Mormons (not Christians), but having a background like that allows me to trust watching their channel much more.

The girls started their YouTube career as 13 year-olds (Their parents’ rule was that they had to 13 to start their channel) and their variety of videos, as well as their subscribers, have increased exponentially every year. They have done a few collabs, all with wonderful (and famous!) YouTubers, including Studio C, Shelby Church, MyLifeasEva, and Lindsey Sterling. Now, to let some of their videos speak for themselves-

Their vlog trip to Europe-

Meet Our Mom tag-

Both of these previous videos speak to their family’s relationship. They are a very close knit family and they enjoy spending time with each other, which is quite different from many teenagers in this day and time.

What’s in Our Backpack-

The Pictionary Challenge-

They also often do videos “featuring” their younger sisters, Kamri and Rylan, as shown by the example above.

The girls, who are almost 16 in December of 2015, are very pretty, both on the inside and on the outside. However, unlike many other YouTubers that I watch/am aware of, they always dress appropriately, without showing parts of their body that were meant to be kept private. This is also another aspect of their videos that I like. I know I can go to them and actually use their fashion ideas, unlike other channels’, where their idea of cute includes showing shoulders (which is okay with me, but depends on the shirt), midriff (which is NOT okay with me), or really tight outfits. While they do wear makeup, they don’t wear an excessive amount of makeup; they attempt to make it look natural, which enhances their natural beauty.

Their channel is also very clean. As I have mentioned, they are Mormons, so they obviously have a religious background. I have viewed almost all their videos, and I have yet to hear a bad (or even semi-bad) word in their channel.

All in all, I love watching Brooklyn and Bailey’s videos first of all because they’re so cute and so pretty and upbeat and positive…but also because I know that they are clean and that I won’t have to worry about people hearing or anything inappropriate in their videos.

RockandMinerals4Him rating- 10/10



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