2015 Reflections/2016 Resolutions

<Long post alert +Good News at the end of the post!!>

WOW! This marks one year of rockandminerals4him! 2016

Random RockandMinerals4Him stats for the year of 2015-

  • 40 posts
  • 845 views (this is the one I distrust the most- who knows how many are my own!)
  • Received visitors from 14 different countries
  • Started a regular posting schedule (every Friday!)


New Year’s Resolutions 2015…let’s see how well I made out with my resolutions last year!

  • Do devotionals/Bible Reading everyday + one more chapter of any book in the Bible- Yes, in fact! It worked! So far, I’ve finished my devotional book  (which has a 8/10 RockandMinerals4Him rating), as well as a few other chapters of the Bible, including Proverbs and Isaiah. There have been a total of 4 days where I didn’t do devotionals/Bible reading…but I have excuses for all those days (we were on vacation, I was sick, etc), never because I didn’t feel like it. Success.
  • Get closer to God + try to live out 2 Peter 1:5-8- I think, that with the Bright Lights group that my friends started, I did in fact grow closer to God this year. However, He has also brought to my attention that there are a few things that I need to clear in my conscience…which, I feel, has been impeding my walk with the Lord. Success.
  • Drink at least 5 glasses of water per day- Let’s just say…no. I tried (not really hard though), but the times that it occurred are measured in days…not weeks or months. Fail.
  • Not waste so much time-Hmm…well…I’m not especially aware that I’m not wasting time, but I find that I’m not wasting as much time as I used to…so I suppose it counts. Success.
  • Knit at least 10 skeins of yarn- No, this didn’t happen. At all. However, while this didn’t happen, I did knit more (a little). Let’s try again next year…and see how it goes. Fail.
  • Get my weight to 100士5 pounds- No….just no. Fail.
  • Eat no more than 1 piece of candy per week- Hrrmph….well…this was going along quite well until the school year started…I have a really, really nice teacher…who gives out candy every class. I have to say, though, that the original resolution, “Eat no more than 1 piece of candy per day”, did, in fact, work…but the revised one…didn’t. Are there half credits? Success (I’m counting it as such because that was the original resolution)
  • Get up earlier/Go to bed earlierWOW!! For the most part of the year, it looked like this was another resolution that wasn’t going to come to a culmination, but at the beginning of the school year, someone texted me early in the morning, waking me up. I continued waking up early that week, and the streak kept going. Due to getting up earlier, I also started going to bed earlier and earlier. Now, my get up time is 5:30 am and my bedtime is around 9:30, although this can be more elastic, as compared to the beginning of the year, when my get up time was about 9:00 am and my bedtime was anywhere between 12:30 and 2:30 am. Success. 
  • To get Beastmaster accomplishment and to collect 100 mounts on HabitRPG- At the beginning of the year, I was 5 pets away from Beastmaster, and I got it on January 26th. HabitRPG has added a “Mount Master” achievement, which is basically to collect all the mounts (which was my goal) and a “Triad Bingo” achievement, which is to collect all the pets, mounts, and pets again. I got both of these achievements on November 4th, and used the “Key to the Kennels” to release all the pets and mounts. Success. 
  • To become entirely vegetarian- Hm….well…eheehee…um, what can I say? This failed in January…and then I thought I took it out, so I didn’t even try….Fail.
  • Grow my hair to my waist- I’m not sure what this counts as, because, although I never got a haircut, my hair refused to grow past a certain length. There’s still at least 4/5 inches before it actually hits my waist….what does this count as? I can’t control how fast my hair grows….Success (used loosely…but I didn’t fail.)
  • Completely “gold” my Spanish Duolingo tree- I decided to drop Duolingo, at least for the school year, and focus on my Spanish course, rather than attempt to do both…this will come back next year, in my bucket list. Fail.
  • Generally study harder and try not to drop behind in classes-Previously, the class that I dropped behind in the most was math. As a result of getting up earlier, I now have one and a half hour of time to myself in which I do my math for the day. So far I haven’t fallen behind in math, other than a few days here and there after which I’ve caught up right away, which hasn’t happened ever since I was in about second grade! The “study harder” has not yet been made entirely apparent, since there haven’t been many major tests that have come up lately, but I still have straight A’s….and I got made when I didn’t get and A+ in a class…so I suppose that counts. Success. 
  • Write more, including posting more- Yes! This year, I’ve finished both my first Camp NaNoWriMo as well as participated in my first NaNoWriMo, and I used those opportunities to write on my blog, scheduling them in advance. I now have a posting schedule…which results in posting more. Success. 
  • Keep my room clean- Nope! When I get up in the morning, I stumble over many fallen papers, have a brief tangle with my music stand, break the bindings of several books, then reach my alarm clock and turn in off.Blame it on the fact that my bedroom is terribly small, but wow, no. This is coming back next year. Fail

So I got 9/14! Not bad, if I do say so myself!


Highlights of 2015 (I actually kept track of when I did what this year!)

 In 2015, I-

  • Started my blog! (Jan)
  • Participated in my first speech contest (Mar)
  • Took my first SAT2 and AP tests (May)
  • Went to SciOly Nationals and got my first single-digit finish (May)
  • Joined a Bright Lights group (May)
  • Attended my first baseball game (June)
  • Participated in a few wonderful summer camps, including an incredible band camp (June/Jul)
  • Attended my first sleepover (Jul)
  • Finished my first Camp NaNoWriMo ever! (Jul)
  • Started another year of high school, homeschool, and SciOly (Aug)
  • Went on a beach trip (Sep)
  • Started playing in the Wind Ensemble at band (Sep)
  • Become and official AWANA Cubbies leader (Sep)
  • Started playing bassoon (Sep)
  • Took the PSAT for the first time (Oct)
  • Babysat solo for the first time (Oct)
  • Finished my first “official” (but YWP) NaNoWriMo (Nov)
  • Visited California (Dec)


I want to thank these people for making 2014 what it was-

  • Mom, for always being there and encouraging (hrrmph…maybe not ALWAYS) and for being willing to drive me to SO many places.
  • Dad, for supporting my with to stay homeschooled, and for encouraging me on my musical path.
  • My brothers, D+P, for being awesome and sweet and cool and funny and so many other things (quite a change from last year, eh? You can tell I put a lot of thought into it this year. 😛 )
  • MC, for being willing to take first steps into the unknown land of crazy technological computer stuffs, and for just being a wonderful grandma.
  • My grandparents, for, well, just being great grandparents!
  • My adopted “grandma” and “grandpa” B, as well as my adopted “aunt” L, for also being wonderful supporters, for never, ever forgetting my birthday, and for always backing me with so much prayer.
  • KS, for being an awesome friend, almost sister, partymate, SciOly teammate, and hair stylist all wrapped up into one AWESOME hilarious bundle of Irish-ness.
  • MM, for being an awesome friend, SciOly teammate, stand partner, and bassoon rest (ahem), and for the incredible and apparent deepening of our friendship this past year.
  • MM (different one…), for being a fantastic friend, cooking sidekick, and study hall partner, and for being my most ambitious friend who never thinks my plans are impossible.
  • ECW, for sharing blogger problems, mom problems, TM problems (and no, TM is not a person), and for being a wonderful fellow musician.
  • ER, SJC, and BO, for being incredible girlfriends who are always available to talk and encourage.
  • KL, JO, LM, CT, PIP, and SJ, for being great people to be around, both at church and at school (yes, homeschooler school…oh, the irony).
  • ES, AS, GM, RC, FH, CG, AS, as well as many others, for being great friends, although we could hardly be called super close, you’ll still leave a huge gap in my life if you weren’t there.
  • EL, JL, JC, HC, and SM for being great cousins and for the fun we have together.
  • PN, GN, and TJN, for exemplifying for me what it means to be walking in Christ, and what ‘family’ means, and also for being great SciOly teammates, friends, and Bright Lights leaders.
  • EB, for being a great flautist (much, much better than I am!), SciOly teammate, and an incredibly supportive presence and for believing in me, even when I don’t, and also for showing me what truly humble means.
  • EC, for being a fabulous music teacher, SciOly co-coach (seriously, you are the most team spirit-y person on the team…even if you don’t like the title co-coach), friend, mentor, and supporter, all in one,  and for always available to talk despite your incredibly busy schedule, and the fact that I DO get really annoying at times.
  • AD, for being the bestest flute teacher ever, and for not giving up on me and my tone. ^^
  • SC, for being and incredible piano AND bassoon teacher, for having patience through my fingering chart blunderings, and for being a wonderful mom to two of the best kids ever.
  • WC, for being THE best SciOly coach anyone could ever have or even wish for, and for being, also, a great music teacher, even though I still find it quite hard to wrap my head around that new title.
  • CF, SC, SR, NR, KB, as well as many, many, others, for being awesome and incredibly competitive SciOly teammates, and for making me aspire to work ever harder, for His glory.
  • JT, HT, EH, LH, PH, AC, LC, MY, AY, and so many other little kids like you, for constantly reminding me that I was once as young, as innocently ignorant, and as annoying as you can be, and for keeping me humble.
  • JB, AH, DL, and AA, for being BEARS (!!!) whose Cubbie leader I am proud to be and whose spiritual growth I am very excited to see.
  • CB, for being a great mom, SciOly event coach, and for just being you. Keep it up!
  • SS and EB, for being a great 4H leader who is always looking for improvement in me.
  • CS, DM, NL, and JH, for being great teachers and for inspiring me to work harder. (Yes, I thank my teachers…and yes, I DO, in fact, have teachers, despite the fact that I’m homeschooled. No, I don’t stay in pajamas all day. *looks down at pajamas* 😛 )
  • WS, for…wow, what is our relationship, even? You’re my mom’s friend, and you’re a mom yourself, but you’re also so much more than that.Thank you so much for allowing me to take care of your kids, for treating me as your own kid, even to the extent of being willing to drive me places, and for the support that you always have behind me.
  • All the people that I’ve missed in this list altogether, who, although maybe not brought to mind, definitely enhance my life and make it worth living.
  • And ultimately, as always, to the Lord Jesus Christ, for loving me (and everyone else!) so incredibly much that you were willing to die for me and for being the only reason my life can exist.

Resolutions/goals for 2016!

  • Read through the entire New Testament
  • Memorize 1 chapter of the Bible per month
  • Witness to one person
  • Bless someone everyday
  • Honor my parents more
  • Clear my conscience and maintain it as clear.
  • Get a job (babysitting counts)
  • Exercise for at least 2 hours a week
  • Keep my room clean
  • Eat no more than 1 piece of candy per week
  • Learn how to sing all the verses of 50 songs (basically, one per week)
  • Get better at taking and editing photos
  • Knit 10 skeins of yarn
  • Drink more tea

Now for the good news. As a part of the new year, I’ll be posting 2 times a week now! I’ll be posting Friday and Saturday.I’ll keep the same “random” posts on Friday, and I’ll post a set of song lyrics on Saturday (the song I learned for the week)!!

What are YOUR New Year’s Resolutions?


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