Give Thanks x7 Challenge + My (Top 5) websites

Before I get started, I want to mention that I will be doing the Kings Blooming Rose Give Thanks x7 Challenge for the month of November. I’m still not 100% sure what Kings Blooming Rose does, but I know it does something along the lines of Give Thanks Challenge 2015 Squareencouraging girls in their walk with Christ through magazines, conferences, books, and stationary/cards and things like that. They have a blog in which someone posts once a month, plus a free wallpaper for a desktop computer every month, which I LOVE. (Who still uses desktop computers, you ask? Me, that’s who. :P)

The Give Thanks x7 challenge is simple. Everyday, record 7 things that you are grateful for in a notebook or a journal, or you can join their online group to share. I’ll record mine in a journal, then at the end of the month, choose a couple or a few a day to share on the blogpost coming out on December 4th.

Now…on to the blogpost!

This is definitely not a “Top 5” post, since I only have 5 blogs. However, I’m posting this on most of my blogs/websites in order to cross-pollinate and to garner attention.

  1. My first inklings of internet posting. It has already been deleted, due to lack of suitable material, and my lack of internet usage at the time.
  2. My “official” website, lying dormant for the time being, but it shall be resurrected before 2017, hopefully by summer 2016. My favorite Science Olympiad event is (and shall always be) Rocks and Minerals (surprise, surprise)! My wish for this website is to be a good reliable resource for those folks also studying rocks and minerals, which was what I was really wishing for while I was doing Rocks and Minerals. At this point, there is next to nothing on that blog, other than a hideously fluffy self-introduction that not necessarily describes me anymore. There is still the old remnants of Happy Little Thoughts, my starting point for my current Happy Little Thoughts (#4 on this post), and I believe there are still some gems in that part of the site. It may be deleted in the near future, but deletion shall occur only when all the useful tidbits of information have been transferred unto my current Happy Little Thoughts, under the title of “From the Archives of Happy Little Thoughts.”
  3. My official and active blog, which is this blog. I post here every Friday, and it includes new year’s resolutions, funny posts, recipes, and more!
  4. Happy Little Thoughts. It’s the only blog that’s not officially called “RockandMinerals4Him”. Just random thoughts that don’t really go anywhere except social media outlets such as Twitter and Google Plus, both of which I’m not too thrilled about.posting about my life on, even though I well know that this is way less private than either of those sites. My goal is to be interesting and to provide some insight into my life, possibly for my future college admissions officers.
  5. My tumblr. At this current moment, I’m only looking up pretty Christian edited photos to reblog, and to post my own edited photos…and a few others, but it may well start to get interesting soon! Tumblr is quite confusing, so I’m still taking my time trying to figure out how the whole thing works.

Screenshot (25)

P. S. Here are some of my newly edited photos! I’m still in the process of learning, so these are farrrrr from perfect, but I just wanted to share what I have so far.

9.18.15 The Cross Has Made You Flawless

MercyMe Flawless quote

9.17.15 Take Me Deeper

Hillsong United Oceans quote


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