Book Review: Snow Treasure


Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan, is one of my all-time favorite books. (Never mind the fact that my all-time favorite book list is like 100+ books long) :P. A tale of courage, resourcefulness, and danger, this historical fiction book is a wonderful book to read. Although the characters and the places in the book are fictitious, the book is based on a true story. The main character, Peter, is a thirteen year old boy who lives in Norway around 1940. The Nazis are about to invade their peaceful country and there is a very large amount of gold stored in their little village. Peter’s uncle and father, as well as a few other men, decide that rather than letting the Germans get the gold (and then using against them!), they would try to get the gold unto Peter’s uncle’s ship, which he would then sail to America to keep safe until the war ended. However, adults lugging sleds down a mountain (past the Nazi camp) would attract attention. They instead chose to appoint the children to sled the gold down the mountain. The plan seemed to work…..for a while. After the children have been sledding the gold down the mountain (a distance of around 8 miles in the book, which was actually closer to 15 miles in real life) for a few weeks, the German commander decrees that the children had to return to school. The people of the village come up with a solution that bypassed the decree, and the gold kept flying down the hill, in around 75 pound increments. On their last day down the hill, they were discovered by a Nazi!

I really loved this adventure story. I “had to” read this book around 3 years ago for school, and I’ve always kept rereading it ever since. The plot line is really really intriguing, and the plot twists are super unpredictable. Although it is a really short book (around 200 pages), it is really action-packed and fun to read.

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