Summer Fun

Summer’s over! How did that happen?

Small recap of what I’ve done over the past summer.

Repeating events-

  • Bright Lights– I’m incredibly blessed to be able to be a part of a Bright Lights group, which a dear friend’s sister started. We had 3 meetings over the whole summer.

Taken my by my dear friend Elizabeth at Clear Creations Photography!

  • Band/Orchestra/Chamber music- A small music ensemble thing for six weeks that a music store did. I played violin in a quartet…which was really cool, considering that I quit violin around 3 years ago.
  • Youth group Bible study- Originally the same time and day as the music thing, but God in all his mercy allowed me to go as soon as music was over, and I was only about 1/2 hour late.
  • Piano Lessons- One of the only summers in my life that I’ve continued music lessons over the summer.
  • Python programming- A course from Coursera, it was a really awesome class in which I learned to program using Python.

And….now on to the part of summer where I actually do stuff! 🙂


  • 15th- Get out of school finally!
  • 17th- First meeting of the knitting club that I started…it still doesn’t have a name…and that was the ONLY meeting we ever did.
  • 17th to 19th- Have friends over while their mom is at a cooking class.
  • 22th to July 3rd- Band camp- the only music camp I’ve ever been to so far…and it was awesome! I learned all twelve major scales, as well as all twelve natural minor and melodic minor scales.  ‘Twas pretty odd though, there were four flautists and four trombonists….however, we still managed to sound nice. ☺ Lotsa good fun. ☺


  • 3rd- Friend’s grandma’s memorial service…it was super sad…but it was still fun, in a sorta weird way. I got to see people that I don’t usually see over the summer, so it was fun…(Wow, this is super awkward to write!)
  • 4th- Watch fireworks with friends.

Color Night Shot

  • 7th- Storytelling at a shopping center.
  • 8th- My first ever sleepover! (And yes, I’m in high school…my parents are quite protective, which I count as a blessing)
  • 23nd- Went to my friend’s house to ride bikes and to practice music.
  • 20th to 24th- Golf camp. I’m not very good at golf…but I do enjoy it!. 🙂
  • 29th to 30th- Programming camp. It was fun, in and of itself, but it was not very useful in terms of learning at all.
  • We got a new car!
  • I also finished my first ever Camp NaNoWriMo with a measly goal of 10K words. I used the 10K words to improve my blog…but at least I finished!



  • 20th- My 2nd ever baseball game! It was pretty awesome even though there was a 2 hour rain delay…but to “thank us for our patience”, we got to sit in the front! So it was really fun and cool watching all the players at close range. 🙂


  • The County Fair!! Being in 4H, the county fair is always a huge part of the year. I didn’t do very well this year….but it was quite good enough! We had friends over for 3 days in a row working on 4H stuff, and it was really fun.
  • 22nd- Went on a day trip….but we really didn’t do very much, except eat at a Japanese restaurant and go to a museum.

A few things that I did this summer-

  • Pet keeping- We expanded our menagerie of weird pets with an assassin bug, monarch butterflies, and guppies.
  •  Knitting- Lots of knitting, hoping to hit my New Year’s Resolution of 10 skeins of yarn.


  • Reading- Also, lots of reading, trying to hit my 120 book goal.
Snow Treasure- one of my favorite books!!

Snow Treasure- one of my favorite books!!

  • Origami- I tried out a new kusudama ball, originally for the fair, but I didn’t get to enter it.

P1220980 P1220981

  • Baking- I made 5 different types of cookies for the county fair- Snickerdoodle, Oatmeal Raisin, Oatmeal Carrot, Molasses, and Gingersnaps.
  • Gardening- I’ve done quite a bit of gardening this summer, growing from tomatoes to potatoes to pineapples.

What has happened over your summer?

Screenshot (25)


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