The Top 5 Ways I Do My Hair

Since I want to grow my hair to my waist, I naturally need some way to keep my hair out of my way as I proceed about life. Here are the top 5 ways I do my hair (note, this is the ways I DO my hair….I do often keep it down)-

  1. Dutch braid- I love wearing the dutch braid. It allows me to put up my hair without it tangling up and being annoying, it keeps my neck warm (is that a weird reason? :P) and also looks really cool. The first time I saw someone wearing a dutch braid (PLEASE don’t get me started on the disuse of the dutch braid. :P), I really wanted to do it, but I didn’t know how. Never mind that my hair wasn’t long enough either. After learning how to french braid and wearing french braids for a long time, it was about another year or so before I learned how to dutch braid. When I finally did, I practically stopped wearing french braids. Occasionally, I just dutch or french braid up to the nape of my neck, then tie it, leaving a ponytail, which is also how I enjoy wearing it. I wear dutch braids about 40% of the time.
  2. Ponytail! Ponytails make up about 35% of how my hair is done, since there are so many things I can do with ponytails. Although high ponytails give me a headache (I get headaches if my scalp is pulled too tightly), I can make a ponytail, then braid it and put elastic on the end for a two-day hairstyle. I’ll wear it in a braid the first day, then let the braid down and just wear it as a ponytail for the second day. Low ponytails are nice too, especially if I just want my hair out of my way.
  3. Messy “bun”- Although I can’t have a bun on top of my head (the shape of my head doesn’t really allow that, as well as the fact that I get headaches), I really really often, have a low ponytail or a single braid in the summer and halve (am I the only old-fashioned person who uses this word?) it, tying it with an elastic. It forms a little knot at the nape of my neck. (like this…this is not me) I’ve seen this hairstyle around really frequently this summer. It’s perfect if I want my hair off my neck. I wear this hairstyle pretty much 85% of the time during the summer, and around 20% of the time otherwise.
  4. Single braid- I wear a single (I’d like to say it’s long…but it’s not) braid after showering to let air dry, to put some volume into it, as well as some waves. I enjoy it because I don’t have to brush my hair to put it into a braid, whereas I need to brush my hair for dutch braids and ponytails to make it look nice.  Thus, if you see my hair in a braid, I’ve probably not brushed it that day. 😛  It’s a quick AND easy hairstyle to do when I’m out (Am I the only ponytailing-in-public-impaired person on this planet? I HOPE not….), and there are quite a few variations on a single braid- side braids, milkmaid braids (courtesy of Cute Girls Hairstyles), and many more! I wear a single braid around 20% of the time.
  5. French braid- Ever since I’ve learned how to dutch braid, I’ve worn a french braid a lot less. However, that’s not to say it’s not a wonderful hairstyles to do! You’re able to do Dutch braids, waterfall braids (again, courtesy of Cute Girls Hairstyles), and many more different styles when you know how to french braid. My personal favorite way to wear a french braid with with this super easy and pretty 3-Minute Scarf Braid from CGH (yet again). I wear a french braid about 5% of the time.

How do you most often wear your hair?

Screenshot (25)


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