Top 5 Favorite Youtubers

Now, most of the reason I spend so much time on YouTube is because of all the awesome Youtubers on Youtube!

Here are my top 5 favorite Youtubers that I have found so far (in no particular order)-

  1. Cute Girls Hairstyles and Brooklyn and Bailey– Cute Girls Hairstyles was founded by Mindy McKnight, who is a self-acclaimed hair ninja, when people began asking her for tutorials for the adorable hairstyles she used on her girls (she has 5!!). She posts a new hairstyles video every week, and the hairstyles range from prom hairstyles to sports hairstyles to Halloween hairstyles. Brooklyn and Bailey, who are Mindy’s eldest two daughters (they’re twins!) started a Youtube channel of their own when they were thirteen, and quickly gained many many followers, because of their friendliness and charm. They do vlogs, challenges, and DIY’s. I really enjoy watching their videos, because they’re similarly-aged girls who are just so adorable. Both these two channels are really “good”, as in they’re clean (the McKnights are Mormon), and also in that they’re just fun to watch.
  2. The Piano Guys– The Piano Guys are four guys who really enjoy making music (and Youtube videos!) together. They have made wonderful music on crazy places, the Great Wall of China being one. They make great, music with piano and cello, including many Christmas pieces (which I’m slightly obsessed with ☺)
  3. Crash Course– The Crash Course offers many crash course videos in many subjects such as biology, astronomy, and literature. The guys who teach the courses make general fools of themselves, and are really fun to watch. I occasionally watch them before tests, as a way to release stress and review at the same time.
  4. Pentatonix– Pentatonix is a group of five acapella singers (with wonderful pitch!!) who sing together. I love listening to their music because of their phenomenal harmony, their outstanding blending, and their Christmas music. ☺ They are a remarkable and well-blended group (One’s Christian, one’s Jewish, one’s gay, one’s African-American, but they are obviously well in-tuned to each other and to their music).
  5. Studio C– Now, this is the channel I do most of my procrastinating on! This channel is a comedy channel that both Brooklyn and Bailey and CGH appeared on, introducing me to them. They have great clean comedy shows that are hilarious!! I could spend hours on end watching Studio C. I love how they have such real-life scenarios, yet so non-real-life at the same time.

It’s your turn! Who are your top 5 favorite YouTube channels? Also, I’m going to (hopefully) be posting regularly every Friday from now on- I’m prewriting blogposts, so it shouldn’t be that bad.

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