Free Food Life Hacks

Well….isn’t that a title that gets people’s attention?! 😛

Different restaurants have wonderful promotions/free food once every so often. Since a few of those days have passed just recently, I decided to make a post highlighting some of my free food findings (ooh, lookee, alliteration!! #proofofhomeschooler). XD

Starting with the special days of the year-

  • Jan 1st- Sheetz (y’know…that gas station that people…or is it just us??…..pass by…) gives out free coffee from 4pm December 31st to 4pm January 1st to celebrate the new year.
  • Feb 14th- Boston Market is giving out free desserts but with the purchase of a main course for Valentine’s Day. Starbucks also offers buy-one-get-one-free coffees on Valentine’s Day.
  • Shrove Tuesday (around February/March), which is also known as Fat Day (for breakfast)- IHOP is giving out free shortstacks. 
  • First Day of Spring (around the end of March)- Rita’s (another store which is well-known yet which I’ve never been in….yes, I may not have a life) hands out free Water Ices (don’t let the name fool you- it’s basically a slushee) to celebrate The First Day of Spring.
  • Apr 15- In honor of you spending half your life savings on taxes, Cinnabon has free Cinnabon bites, Arby’s offers free curly fries, and there are free small popcorns at AMC Theatres…..but you’ll have to buy a movie ticket. 😀
  • Mother’s Day- Take your mom to TCBY (yet another store I’ve never been to!) for some free Frozen Yogurt for Mother’s Day.
  • Father’s Day- Just because TCBY is sooooooo original (#muchsarcasm), you can take your dad to get some more free Frozen Yogurt.
  • First Friday of June- Krispy Kreme offers a free donut for National Donut Day (seriously…are you kidding me?? DONUT is not a word???), as well as Dunkin’ Donuts, but you’ll have to buy a drink with them first.
  • July 11- In honor of the date, 7/11, 7-11 offers a free small Slurpee.
  • Around the middle of July- Chick-fil-a offers a free meal in honor of Cow Appreciation Day….but you’ll have to dress up like a cow. No worries, though, Chick-fil-a also provides a starter kit to dressing like a cow.
  • Sep 19- In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, both Krispy Kreme and Long John Silver’s provide free food. Get free fish at Long John Silver’s and have a free donut from Krispy Kreme for dessert. Just make sure you add a bunch of “arggg”s and “matey”s to your order, or else you’ll walk away booty-less.
  • Oct 31- For yet ANOTHER free donut, Krispy Kreme is hosting another donut party in honor of Halloween. The catch this time? You’ll have to dress up in your costume!!
  • Nov 11- A slew of spots offer free meals to current and former soldiers on Veterans Day, including T.G.I. Friday’s, Applebee’s, Golden Corral, Olive Garden, and Denny’s (where the deal is specifically all-you-can-eat pancakes). Come and enjoy your free food salute.
  • 4th Friday of November- Fred Meyer offers free coffee and donuts to Black Friday shoppers.
  • Dec 4- In honor of National Cookie Day, Quiznos offers a free cookie if you purchase something. 

For a printable calendar of these events, click here,

BONUS- for a list of free ice cream for National Ice Cream Day, click here.

Credits go to (One of the other reasons I decided to do a blog post about free food was because there are so little pages about this. 😀 )

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