Free Food Life Hacks

Well….isn’t that a title that gets people’s attention?! ūüėõ

Different restaurants have wonderful promotions/free food once every so often. Since a few of those days have passed just recently, I decided to make a post highlighting some of my free food findings (ooh, lookee, alliteration!! #proofofhomeschooler). XD

Starting with the special days of the year-

  • Jan 1st- Sheetz (y’know…that gas station that people…or is it just us??…..pass by…) gives out free¬†coffee¬†from 4pm December 31st to 4pm January 1st to¬†celebrate the new year.
  • Feb 14th- Boston Market is giving out¬†free desserts¬†but with the purchase of a main course¬†for Valentine’s Day. Starbucks also offers buy-one-get-one-free¬†coffees¬†on Valentine’s Day.
  • Shrove Tuesday (around February/March), which is also known as Fat Day (for breakfast)-¬†IHOP¬†is giving out¬†free shortstacks.¬†
  • First Day of Spring (around the end of March)-¬†Rita’s¬†(another store which is well-known yet which I’ve never been in….yes, I may not have a life) hands out free Water Ices¬†(don’t let the name fool you- it’s basically a slushee) to celebrate¬†The First Day of Spring.
  • Apr 15-¬†In honor of you spending half your life savings on taxes,¬†Cinnabon has free¬†Cinnabon bites, Arby’s¬†offers free¬†curly fries,¬†and there are free¬†small popcorns¬†at¬†AMC Theatres…..but you’ll have to buy a movie ticket. ūüėÄ
  • Mother’s Day- Take your mom to¬†TCBY¬†(yet another store I’ve never been to!) for some free¬†Frozen Yogurt¬†for¬†Mother’s Day.
  • Father’s Day- Just because¬†TCBY¬†is sooooooo original (#muchsarcasm), you can take your dad to get some more¬†free¬†Frozen Yogurt.
  • First Friday of June-¬†Krispy Kreme¬†offers a free donut for¬†National Donut Day¬†(seriously…are you kidding me?? DONUT is not a word???),¬†as well as¬†Dunkin’ Donuts,¬†but you’ll have to buy a drink with them first.
  • July 11- In honor of the date,¬†7/11, 7-11¬†offers a¬†free small Slurpee.
  • Around the middle of July-¬†Chick-fil-a¬†offers a free¬†meal¬†in honor of¬†Cow Appreciation Day….but you’ll have to dress up like a cow. No worries, though, Chick-fil-a also provides a starter kit¬†to dressing like a cow.
  • Sep 19- In honor of¬†Talk Like a Pirate Day,¬†both¬†Krispy Kreme¬†and¬†Long John Silver’s¬†provide free food. Get free fish at Long John Silver’s and have a free donut¬†from Krispy Kreme for dessert.¬†Just make sure you add a bunch of “arggg”s and “matey”s to your order, or else you’ll walk away booty-less.
  • Oct 31- For yet ANOTHER free donut, Krispy Kreme¬†is hosting another donut party in honor of¬†Halloween.¬†The catch this time? You’ll have to dress up in your costume!!
  • Nov 11-¬†A slew of spots offer free meals to current and former soldiers on Veterans Day, including T.G.I. Friday’s, Applebee’s, Golden Corral, Olive Garden, and Denny’s (where the deal is specifically all-you-can-eat pancakes). Come and enjoy your free food salute.
  • 4th Friday of November-¬†Fred Meyer¬†offers free¬†coffee and donuts¬†to¬†Black Friday¬†shoppers.
  • Dec 4- In honor of¬†National Cookie Day,¬†Quiznos¬†offers a free cookie¬†if you purchase something.¬†

For a printable calendar of these events, click here,

BONUS- for a list of free ice cream for National Ice Cream Day, click here.

Credits go to¬† (One of the other reasons I decided to do a blog post about free food was because there are so little pages about this. ūüėÄ )

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