Planting Pineapples

Most people have this useless thing that they’re really good at, but there is absolutely no use whatsoever in the product. One of the useless things I can do includes planting pineapples.

Planting pineapples is actually pretty easy- it doesn’t require very much care and they are hard to kill. Pineapples do not need very much water nor do they need very high-quality soil. They do well under both full sunlight (which I’ve heard- the one time I tried doing that the leaves burned) and shade (which is definitely true).

First, choose a pineapple. (Tip for choosing pineapples- Grasp one of the pointy leaf things of the pineapple. If it comes out easily, then it’s ripe. The pineapple HAS to be ripe in order for it to produce pineapples.)


Next, twist the crown of the pineapple off- don’t cut it off! Grab the bottom of the crown with one hand, hold the pineapple in the other, and twist. It should come off pretty easily.




(You can cut up your pineapple and eat it. ☺)

Now that you have your pineapple crown in hand, strip off about an inch’s worth of the bottom leaves. Roots should become visible when you’ve pulled off a few leaves.



(See the roots? They’re in this brown casing. I pulled one of the casings off to show the root)

Suspend the crown in water, but make sure that the leafy part of the crown is NOT in the water. If the leafy part of the pineapple is in water, then it WILL mold quickly!) Either suspend the pineapple above the water with toothpicks, or simply use less water)

(I have also heard to NOT put the end in water, but to instead let the end dry before planting it; however, I have not tried that technique yet.)

When the white roots become visible and are a few inches long, you can plant the pineapple in the dirt. I have mine in a pot, mainly because where I live, there simply is too much cold weather for a pineapple to do well outside. This pineapple is about 2 years old.



Pineapples do not take very much water. They do not like growing in soggy dirt. If the pineapple leaves turn red/purple, then it is undernourished. Pineapples are pretty hard to kill, but I’ve already killed one by freezing it. ☺

I have not yet gotten any fruit from my plant., and I have heard that it takes about 2-3 years for a pineapple plant to flower. After a plant flowers, it usually takes about 6 or so months before the fruit is ready to pick.

Here are some more links for more information- (This one is from Dole, the pineapple company!) (Wikihow but it is very clear)

Happy 4th of July!!


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