2015 Regionals || Science Olympiad

Night before:

  • Writes out a list of building events to watch.
  • Highlights own event on schedule- don’t want to miss any!!
  • Packs stuff into backpack. Eh..with my events, there seriously isn’t anything I have to bring. I pack-
  1. Knitting
  2. Speedcube
  3. Cellphone (heh, all-important)
  4. Rules
  5. Calculator, just in case someone needs it- certainly not me!
  6. Extra pencils, just in case someone else needs them. I don’t!
  7. Schedule of the day.
  • Texts Air T partner about impound.
  • Goes to bed at 10:30-ish


  • Gets up really really early (err, or so it seems- 6:40, judge for yourself).
  • Packs lunch- a yogurt, a plum, cucumber and celery sticks, and a trail mix bag. (No sandwich/real food. XP)
  • Leaves the house with dad yelling, “You want to get there at 8? You’d better have left 15 minutes ago!” (It’s 7:15).
  • Drives. Am very tired and so does not do “anything productive”, thought judging by the stuff I packed, nothing is “really productive.” 😛
  • Arrives. Gets dropped off in front of impound building, although partner is still at the homeroom….
  • Runs over to the homeroom (it’s not very far), and finds that partner, T, can’t because her dad wants her to stay in the homeroom until he comes back.
  • Goes to impound (at chemistry) and waits for 10 minutes for the proctor to show up. Eventually, proctor shows up and says to “Just put it off somewhere where it won’t get in the way.”
  • Goes back to homeroom (at plant science) for team meeting before day starts. Everybody’s excited today, so it takes quite some time.
  • Goes to watch WV at the chemistry building. A team (includes T) gets two runs in, but B team (includes D, my brother) only gets in one, because of fogged up goggles.
  • Watches Air T just outside the WV room. This procter isn’t pointing right (causing grading differences)!?!
  • Goes back to homeroom to meet Bottle R partner, K (from helicopters last year) then to parking garage to get rockets.
  • Walks out to field where they’re launching Bottle Rockets…it’s really really reallycold!!
  • WITW…the people running Bottle Rockets don’t have a funnel for us to use?! Half the water that people are trying to get into their bottle is leaking off to the side….Also, their launching mechanism is attached to the ground, causing more water to spill out…AACK how are we supposed to know how much water we’re going to need to put in?
  • Watches the B team from our school launch theirs. The wind’s soooo strong! R’s rocket gets pushed down withing 10 seconds.
  • OOH N (also on the B team) gets his rocket caught in an air current, and it doesn’t come down until 15+ seconds!
  • Runs our rockets. K’s gets pushed down, like R’s. I just happen to launch mine during relatively calm period of no wind, and the rocket stays up for ~15 seconds! Yey!!
  • Watches Bottle Rockets for some more time, with me complaining of the cold and R complaining of the mud. Eventually heads back to the homeroom after seeing people trying to get pictures of our rockets.
  • Goes back to the homeroom and tries to warm up. Starts eating lunch (it’s 11:20). Finds out that T has the same schedule as I do (we have events at the same times- different events, same time slots). (From now on, practically everything I do is with T)
  • Runs down to chemistry building with T to find Mrs. C (the coach’s wife). When we get to where D (her son) is in his event, she’s not there. Another mom from our team says she went somewhere else…so we go there. She’s not there either. We eventually find her (in the home room getting D’s lunch), and we go and map out D’s next event with her.
  • Returns to chemistry building with T and Mrs. C to wait for D. She gets into a conversation with some lady from another school about career choices.
  • T and I leave, nominally to go to Air, which is at 12:45, the first time slot. We both agree that we should watch some other people’s launches before we launch, just so we know how they’re running the event for the middle school (We already know it’s messed up for the high school).
  • Gets to where Air T is being run…and no one’s there!! Decide to head back to homeroom for a few minutes to get the graphs (which we forgot to bring with us to the chemistry building).
  • We meet Mrs. C, D, and M (my partner from R&M last year) going to their next event together. Tries to convinced Mrs. C to watch Air T with us. Dad calls, sounding panicked, although he’s been sounding panicked all day…:P. He says that the event’s running, and that we should get there ASAP.
  • Brings D’s kit from his lab event back to the homeroom for him- saves Mrs. C a trip! I also pick up the CJAP bin to save myself a trip. 😛
  • D and M go into their event. We go to where Air T is being held along with a bunch of people from our team and watch.
  • Mrs. C comes to watch, and T and I get ready to go. The two of us pray together before walking into the event.
  • Set up our device (asking the proctors a bunch of questions…making sure we don’t make any rule violations with the weird rules that they’ve been using today).
  • Runs Air T. Makes randoms joke about “Even if you didn’t learn anything today, at least you learned to count to 10!” (One of our variables has to do with chain links, and T and I both double check the chain count…counting to 10 twice each per launch)
  • Both 1st and 2nd shots are respectable- coming within 1 foot of the target each time. We get to do a bucket shot!!
  • Bring the device back to T’s car. T takes off right away for her next event, which is some distance away. I go and report to Mr. C (the coach), who is judging bridges. He’s really concerned at first, having heard about the weird judging/rule interpretation, but I convince him that we did it the “right” way and got max points possible.
  • Heads over to the CJAP room and meets A (CJAP partner from last year). Gets ready to go into event and talks about A’s show that I’d like to go to tonight.
  • Goes into lab. Starts making observations…in bad handwriting…Eh. Hey, at least I remember everything I wanted to write down! (I hope. XP). WTH…they don’t have a balance for us to use? Oh well…use “1 scoopful” instead.
  • Darndarndarn Missed the last “needed” one just as time is called…hope that it’s not important…
  • Starts test part. YUSHIE we got everything that we should. WOWIEWOWIE Gibbs’ free energy? A and I (who are classmates in the same chemistry class) just did a exam yesterday on Gibbs’ free energy!!
  • A and I get into a mini debate about whether Gibbs’ is spelled Gibbs’ or Gibb’s. #grammarnerds
  • Darndarn I do need the one observation I didn’t get. Oh well. I think we did well all the same. A needs to leave- she’s performing in a show later on tonight (The awards ceremony is cancelled anyways).
  • Returns to homeroom. THE RESULTS ARE OUT!! A dad pulled it up on his computer, but we convince him not to look at them until the whole team is together. The only one that we got to see is the high school fossils event- they got 1st!!
  • Goes with T (who’s out of her event too), N (one of the high school fossils people), RC, and a few others back to the chemistry building to watch the high school Scrambler. N meets E (her fossils partner) and tells her. E is so excited she bursts into tears.
  • Owhnoh! They have a building violation AND they forgot to bring duct tape!! E is pinch-hitting for someone else, so honestly, she doesn’t quite know what she’s supposed to do…
  • They spend half of their 8 minutes fixing the violation and end up replacing the ducttape with a piece of string. They only get in 1 run though…:(
  • Returns to homeroom- we have to leave early too, since I want to go to A’s show.
  • Leaves. On the way home, frantically text Mrs. C and T to see whether or not the results are out yet. YEY!! Got good placings!!
  • Goes home and goes to the show along with another SciOly family (with like 8 kids). I must be tired- I keep making stupid jokes about them and their big family…XP.

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