New Year’s Resolutions updates (January)

I feel like a way to keep my New Year’s resolutions would be to add updates on it every month. Here’s the New Year’s Resolutions for January.

  • To do devotionals/bible reading every day-  This has really worked out so far- I’ve done devotionals/Bible reading every day except for one, which I got up early to do the next day.
  • Get closer to God- I personally feel like there is no good way to determine this, but I feel like yes, this has happened, probably because I have done Bible reading/devotionals every day. (Also, so far I haven’t had to use the word devotionals minus the letters tional, just because I find that word cheesy.)
  • Drink more water-  This…erm…well…let’s just say this has happened, but not particularly. I have hit a few days with 50+ ounces of water, though!
  • Really become ambidextrous- This one…well…didn’t happen.
  • Not waste so much time- Maybe, maybe not. I did manage to stay off the computer and the internet for most of 5 days, though!
  • Knit at least 10 skeins of yarn- Knitting hasn’t quite happened yet. I’ve learned to crochet over the past month, and have started a good number of projects, some of which include a sweater (which found its way onto the needles then got unraveled), a sock (which might turn into a pair of socks in the future but only amounts to 8 rows at the present).
  • Get my weight to 100士5 pounds-  Flat out not happened.
  • Eat no more than 1 piece of candy per day- Yes, has happened. I might pare this back to 1 piece per week, seeing my results so far.
  • Get up earlier/Go to bed earlier Get up earlier (before 7:30am), has happened twice. Go to bed earlier (before 10:30pm), has happened once. Whether or not that counts as significant. (On a sidenote, both of those habits are not deep, dark, ugly red on HabitRPG).
  • To get Beastmaster accomplishment and to collect 100 mounts on HabitRPG- I got my Beastmaster on January 5th…yey! I’ve also collected 8 mounts. I’d also like to add the update that it is only possible to collect 90 (non-quest) mounts, not 100.
  • To become entirely vegetarian- Took a week of in the middle of January to become “non-vegetarian”, then resumed my “cut out beef/pork” thing and added chicken.
  • Grow my hair to my waist- I’ve managed to avoid a haircut (that my mom wanted to give me). Other than that, I feel like my hair isn’t growing much anymore. :/

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