I’m here today to promote a wonderful website called HabitRPG. It is a role-playing habit-building website (for all you roleplayers out there) that “gamifies” your life! For every thing you do, you get to check it off and earn experience points used to level up. If you miss a Daily habit, you lose health points. When you hit 0 health points, you die. For me, dying is a wonderful incentive to make me do a lot of work. You can also buy armor and equipment. For me, the best part of HabitRPG is the pets! When you hit level 4, random pet eggs, hatching potions, and food start to drop. When you combine a egg and a hatching potion, you get a pet! After 9 to 23 foods (how many foods depends on the kind of pet), the pet becomes a mount!!
And that’s not all. HabitRPG has a social aspect to it too. You can create a party with your friends and go on quests together. The quests range from collecting things, such as bars of soap (that drop like the pet eggs), to killing a monster (by working hard and checking off a lot of things). You can also join guilds, where you get to talk with many like-minded people. For example, I am in a knitting and crocheting guild.

I love HabitRPG!! Since I’ve started using it, I’ve been exercising more, and making my bed every morning.

Here is the link that y’all have been waiting for!!

RockandMinerals4Him rating- 10/10



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