2014 Reflections/2015 Resolutions

Reflections and Resolutions are so cliche….Why don’t people use other terms?

Highlights of 2014 (I seem to be really bad at remembering what happened in the year, so I refer to my calendar. There, I find that I am also really bad at updating my calendar :/)


In 2014, I-

  • Actually started liking SciOly (Jan)
  • Participated in my first ever SciOly tournament (Mar)
  • Won the state SciOly tournament and am going to Nationals (Mar)
  • Went to SciOly Nationals (May)
  • Went to parent’s home country (May/June)
  • Do a bunch of awesome summer camps, including a physics camp where I met some awesome friends- AZ, JZ, CL, and CL (Jul)
  • Went to Boston (Aug)
  • Participated in the county fair and gave my first public speaking demo at the fair (Aug)
  • Start High School (Sept)
  • Make the Symphonic Band (Sept)
  • Learn to cube on 2x2x2 (Oct)
  • Start using HabitRPG (Oct)
  • Babysit the most kids I’ve ever babysat (Nov)
  • Join friend’s Jam group (Dec)
  • Actually manage to go through my gift list and give gifts to everybody I wanted to (Dec)


I want to thank these people for making 2014 what it was-

  • Mom, although annoying at times, for being willing to drive me to all the places I want to go
  • Dad, for encouraging me to do more music
  • Brothers D and P, for, well, IDK lol…for being funny?
  • AS and KS, for being awesome friends, and awesome SciOly teammates.
  • ECW, for being there and willing to share my mom problems
  • MM, KL, LM, JO, and many others for being great church friends
  • EC, (another) EC, YC, and AD for being awesome music teachers and for inspiring me to go up and above my music goals
  • LT, ER, HS, SC, BO, EL, and BR, for being awesome online friends
  • AS, for being an awesome teacher, and for not minding me at your house at all hours
  • AC, LC, EH, LH, PH, and AL and all the other little kids I know  who remind me that I was once annoying and to keep me humble
  • MM, for all of the inside jokes we share, and for being an awesome SciOly teammate
  • RF, KB, EQ, TJN, as well as many many others, and the aforementioned AS, KS, and MM, for being awesome SciOly teammates and for inspiring me to work harder
  • WC, for being such an awesome coach and for your incredible logistical mind
  • GM, AM, RC, JC, HC, SM, and EL for being awesome friends/cousins despite our huge age differences
  • MC, for being the bestest grandma and for being willing to learn how to use email, FB and Skype
  • MB and JJ, for being incredibly dedicated volunteer online teachers
  • Ultimately, to the Lord Jesus Christ, for loving me enough to be willing to die for me
  • And finally, to all the awesome people in the world, both IRL and online, that make my life worth living and fun.


Resolutions/goals for 2015!

  • To do devotionals/bible reading every day
  • Get closer to God
  • Drink more water
  • Really become ambidextrous
  • Not waste so much time
  • Knit at least 10 skeins of yarn
  • Get my weight to 100士5 pounds
  • Eat no more than 1 piece of candy per day
  • Get up earlier/Go to bed earlier
  • To get Beastmaster accomplishment and to collect 100 mounts on HabitRPG
  • To become entirely vegetarian
  • Grow my hair to my waist

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